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4x4 and Commercial Sizing

When it comes to commercial and 4x4 tyres, there are three main sizing systems used:

  • Light Truck High Flotation
  • Light Truck Metric
  • Light Truck Numeric

All sizing refers to the performance requirements of both the vehicle and the tyre, in line with the varying applications for these types of vehicles.

See the chart below to find out how these different sizing systems work.

Light Truck High Flotation*
Example 31x10.50R15LT
31 Tyre diameter in inches
10.50 Section width in inches
R Radial Construction
15 Rim Diameter in inches
LT Light Truck construction
Light Truck Metric**
Example LT235/75R15
LT Light Truck designation
235 Section width in millimetres
75 Aspect Ratio
R Radial Construction
15 Rim Diameter in inches


European Metric
Example 185R14XCD
185 Section Width in millimeters
R Radial Construction
14 Rim Diameter in inches
XCD Tread Pattern
Light Truck Numeric***
Example 7.50R16C
7.50 Radial Construction
7.50 Section width in inches
R Radial Construction
16 Rim Diameter in inches
C Camionette (Light Truck/ Commercial)

*This sizing system evolved in the mid 1970s as lower aspect ratio tyres became more popular on 4x4 & Commercial vehicles.

** This sizing system was introduced to mirror the system used for sizing passenger tyres.

*** This older system is still widely used, mostly on commercial vehicles.

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