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Australia's Most Successful Independent Tyre Retailer

One of the business principles that helped Bob Jane T-Marts to become the market leader in tyre, wheel and battery retailing in Australia is our outstanding customer service.

Widely regarded as Australia's most successful independent tyre retailer, each Bob Jane T-Marts location is run by a Franchise Owner, Agency Owner or Manager who has the will to succeed, possesses sound business skills, enthusiasm, drive and the ambition to provide excellence in customer service. Our people are chosen for their experience, attitude and integrity and quickly become recognised as the tyre experts in their local community.

Bob Jane T-Marts are recognised Australia-wide for our staff and management expertise, wide range of famous brands and where prices are very competitive. And, with the very best marketing and advertising support, the organisation has grown to become the envy of its competitors.


Growth for growth's sake is not the T-Mart philosophy

New T-Mart Franchises are carefully selected based on current and future consumer potential, competitive environment, retail position and reputation, and then combined with our professionalism and presentation.

There are many areas of Australia still without the services of a professional tyre, wheel and battery service - Bob Jane T-Marts' long term goal is to be even better represented across the nation and overseas.


Benefit from our professional associations

Bob Jane T-Marts is a member of the Franchise Council of Australia. This means the T-Mart Franchise Owner can benefit from the well established systems and associations you'd expect from a leading, national franchise organisation like Bob Jane T-Marts.


Committed support systems

You can also be confident knowing you have the support of the Bob Jane T-Marts team and the proven retail marketing and advertising techniques that are an integral part of one of Australia's most successful retail companies. The benefit of a group like Bob Jane T-Marts extends to other areas as well. For example, if the Bob Jane T-Marts computer system is purchased, our national agreement ensures competitively priced hardware, software updates, a business hours support line and the confidence that a well established and proven system brings. Information Technology equipment and support continues to grow throughout the T-Mart network.


The internet and e-commerce are rapidly expanding components of the Bob Jane T-Mart sales force.

The T-Marts are all connected to our intranet, the T-Net Pathway, which provides crucial information for all T-Marts as well as convenient new services such as on line ordering for goods such as uniforms etc. The future is exciting and we look forward to releasing even better systems for our franchisees and customers to use.


Impressive product line-up

The buying power of Australia's largest independent tyre retailer means you can provide to your local community the very best brands at value for money prices.

The extensive range of tyres includes Australia's best passenger, off-road, performance, light truck and van tyres, together with the cream of brands from overseas. You'll also have access to Australia's most extensive range of alloy wheels including the exclusive Rodney Jane Racing Wheels brand. The battery line-up includes well known value for money and performance brands.


Excellence through our people

We realise that the very best products mean little without the very best people. As a T-Mart Franchise Owner, you receive the full focus of our attention, so that you are fully trained and motivated to deliver excellence within our proven system.


Regular training and education programs, specifically tailored to YOUR needs, include:

  • Nationally accredited specialist technical courses
  • Franchise induction program
  • National and State conferences
  • In-house seminars and workshops
  • On-the-job training and development
  • Inter T-Mart Team-Sharing programs
  • Educational videos, tapes and literature
  • Supplier support programs


Why choose a franchise business?

  • Buying a business can be by far the single biggest financial decision that you'll ever make.
  • It is a decision that requires much time and care.
  • A good and reputable franchise business can make business ownership less daunting and risky.


Consider the advantages

  • You can access business finance more easily
  • You can share in the network's pool of knowledge
  • You have an accessible support structure
  • You are part of a proven system
  • You can learn from other people's mistakes
  • You can keep abreast with business trends more easily
  • You have a more loyal base of customers
  • You can offer better shopping conditions
  • You are in the business for yourself not BY yourself
  • You benefit from group buying power
  • You access advertising and marketing campaigns not otherwise possible as an independent
  • You can reduce customer "buying risks"


Why choose Bob Jane T-Marts - All the things we can say and really mean

  • We have four decades of tyre retailing experience
  • We have experienced and competent executive management
  • We have the largest share of the replacement passenger tyre and wheel market
  • We are the industry leaders in Australia
  • We are independent
  • We can offer low prices due to our buying power
  • We only sell quality products
  • We are a respected national franchise company
  • We are financially strong and very successful
  • We understand franchising and care about our people
  • We have exemplary customer loyalty
  • We are committed to excellence every step of the way
  • We are Australian owned
  • We have agreed to abide by the Franchising Code of Practice
  • We are accredited members of FCA
  • We are a family business


What is expected of you as a Bob Jane T-Marts franchisee?

It's often said that franchising is about people not product. Given the right system and the right franchisee, the rewards are unlimited. Therefore there needs to be at the outset respect for the system by the franchisee and the system also must respect the pivotal role that the franchisee plays. Common to most successful and established franchisees are the following traits:

  • Self motivated, competitive, energetic and entrepreneurial
  • Desire and ability to be self-employed
  • Stable and supporting family network
  • Ability to work as a team and within a system
  • Have a natural disposition to marketing techniques
  • Extraordinary commitment to customer service
  • Interactive, enthusiastic and supportive
  • Flexible, progressive and intuitive
  • Responsive to advice
  • Sufficient start-up capital


What is expected of us as a franchisor?

Franchisors have an overwhelming responsibility to deliver to franchisees a business environment where they can work 'the system' to generate wealth with the least amount of risks. To create a profitable system with low risks, franchisors must display the following attributes:

  • A proven business system over time
  • Financial strength and industry influence
  • Protected trademarks, logos and trade identity
  • Ability to lead, sustain and create opportunities
  • Ability to understand and manage the franchise relationship
  • Vision and custodianship of the franchise system
  • Be progressive, responsible and equitable
  • Provide sales, marketing, business and financial support
  • Commitment to growth and market dominance
  • Dedicated to maximising the well-being of franchisees
  • Ongoing market appraisal and research


Franchise Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a business partner?
Unless you are in business with your spouse, we do not generally encourage financial or working partners.

Can I run another business in conjunction with a T-Mart?
No. The success of our T-Marts is really about franchisees giving their undivided attention and commitment six days a week.

Can I own more than one T-Mart outlet?
First you must prove yourself, then, subject to your financial position and availability of outlets, this may be considered.

What happens when I want to take holidays?
Each State Office carries relief managers. You must arrange with your State Manager well in advance if you want to avail yourself of this service.

What happens if my franchise is not profitable?
There are various reasons as to why you may not be as profitable as you would like. The strength of a franchise system is its ability to work together with its Franchise Owners to achieve results.

Given that you are prepared to work hard with us and the system, there are various ways of assisting you to achieve your goals.

What is your supply arrangement with product?
We have a strong relationship with all of our suppliers. In most situations we represent their single biggest customer and this generally allows us to get the best deal.

Is the tyre business seasonal?
Because of our strategic marketing and advertising campaigns we aim to ensure a reasonably regular flow of customers to our T-Marts all year round, with some fluctuations due to Christmas, school holidays and Easter.

How do you select the site and who is involved?
Site selection is a very involved and methodical process. Our Management team, in consultation with other interested parties, makes the decision based on careful research on area opposition, market reach, population, income-levels and growth.


The Franchise Process

1. Enquiry

You will receive in the mail a franchise application pack. The pack contains a detailed application form with a Confidentiality Agreement and Privacy information that we need you to sign and return to us. You are encouraged to provide supporting evidence to your financial claim and any other information that you think will benefit your application.

2. Qualification

Your information will be assessed against our criteria and if successful you will be invited to meet with a State Manager to discuss possibilities. Your initial discussion will be with the State Manager relevant to your location, where you will be invited to visit a selection of T Marts to research your decision. If you decide to proceed you will have a formal structured interview scoring points against specific criteria. This is an intensive interview to assess your suitability for our system. If successful in this interview you then proceed to meet with key corporate staff at the Bob Jane Corporation where financial information (eg. establishment costs, ongoing costs, examples of P&L's) will be provided to you.

3. Training

At this stage you will enter into a training agreement with us. This starts the intensive 6 month training program we have for all new franchisees. In this training program you will need to successfully complete 5 Phases. You will be assessed at the end of each Phase with performance management tools.

4. Confirmation

Having completed your training program, you will then need to confirm things such as finance and legal structure and enter a Contract of Sale of Business. This is normally done within 45 days. The Franchise Fee varies between T Marts and it involves negotiation between you and the current franchisee.

5. Ownership

A day will be mutually set for the actual changeover of the franchise business to you. Whilst this is a simple and quick procedure on the day a lot of preliminary work needs to be done by you and Bob Jane Corporation Pty Ltd. 14 days prior to a change over a Pre-Franchise Agreement needs to be entered into. On settlement day a Franchise Agency and Performance Agreement is signed to affect the transfer and, all monies exchanged.

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