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After many years in a variety of roles in motorsport event management and tyre manufacturing, Rodney Jane arrived at Bob Jane T-Marts and began working from the ground up. Unafraid of getting his hands dirty, Rodney eagerly started out with the franchisees, learning the basics of the business and giving himself a thorough understanding of what makes this company tick. In 1999 Rodney joined the Bob Jane T-Marts Executive Team, developing business relationships with suppliers and franchisees.

In 2002 Rodney took over the position of Chief Executive Office of Bob Jane T-Marts. Since then Rodney has shown the business acumen and sheer determination of the most passionate of business owner/operators.

Throughout the management of the business, Rodney has displayed his strong passion for motor racing.

From 2003 until the cancellation of the series in 2009, Rodney had been managing and driving for the Rodney Jane Racing team in the Carrera Cup Series. Driving the number 7 GT3 Porsche in the fastest "one-make" championship in the world, Rodney had notably improved in each race of this highly competitive category.

From 2009 onwards, Rodney has stepped up his game and taken the number one driver position for the Bob Jane T-Marts team in the highly competitive V8 Supercar Fujitsu series, where he ranks as one of the highest non-professional competitors each round.

There is little doubt that his spirit of determination and dedication to win will go a long way to ensuring future success in both the world of tyre retailing and motorsport.

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