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Century - Batteries that Last and Last

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New Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries

Designed and built right here in Australia, this new range of iconic Blue and Yellow SMF batteries continue to build on Century's reputation for quality and innovation and feature an array of design improvements and specialist internal components to better suit Australia's extreme climate and harsh conditions.

A perfect balance between cranking performance and life, they incorporate an advanced labyrinth lid system and heat sealed double lid technology to reduce water loss whilst increased electrolyte levels, cutting edge plate designs and specialist paste formulations combine to deliver superior cranking performance, corrosion resistance and heat tolerance.

Made in Australia

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When it comes to our vehicles we push them hard and so does the Australian environment. Driving to the beach in summer under the bonnet is pushing 80°C, a trip to the corner store can be a 15 minute drive - and the hill on the way home a vertical ascent. Our journeys take in the smoothest of roads and the roughest corrugated red sand. As Australians we need a battery that we can rely on to power our unique lifestyle. So Century made one. Then another and another.

And they continue to innovate and improve, because that's the Century way.

Please use the Century Battery Finder to select the right Century Battery for your vehicle today.

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1. Cast Plate - The cast plate design has lower internal resistance promoting superior starting power, improved vibration resistance and provides longer service life.

2. Enhanced Plate Paste - Enhanced paste formulation reduces water loss and improves charge acceptance for superior performance and longer life.

3. Expanded Grid Design - The expanded grid has uniform strength for improved corrosion resistance.

4. Separators - Separator improves electrolyte dispersion for enhanced performance and power.

5. Flame Arrestor - The integrated flame arrestor protects the battery from explosion due to external system resources.

6. Mud Rack - Mud rack container design improves plate support providing greater vibration resistance.

7. Polypropylene Case - Reinforced design provides durability to withstand shock and vibration.

8. Carry Handle - Ergonomic design provides a thicker grooved carry handle to ensure comfort.

9. State of Charge Indicator - Built-in state of charge indicator for on the spot diagnosis of battery condition.

10. Cast on Strap - Thicker cast on strap ensures durability and lower electrical resistance to promote longer battery life.

11. Labyrinth lid technology - Spill proof double lid to assist in reducing water loss promoting longer battery life.

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